Saturday, 25 February 2012

Legal Immigration Must be Stopped

Do you know that the total amount of immigrants in Malaysia now has surprisingly reached about three times the population in Singapore? Our country is constanly being changed into an alienated land. Are you willing to risk your country for that? Definitely no. Therefore, legal immigration must be stopped in order to maximise manpower of Malaysians as well as to reduce money spent and problems associated with these immigrants.

First of all, the major factor of a nation’s success lies in the hands of its people. Instead, Malaysia is now being too dependent on immigrants. We can see nowadays that a lot of Indonesian employees are being imported especially for construction field. Even though they are legal immigrants, their presence obviously restrict our manpower to be maximised. A lot of different fields from babysitters to business owners are now being dominated by these outsiders. These jobs opportunities should be offered to our own citizens so as to achieve success purely by Malaysians themselves.

As a human being, immigrants also have their rights for basic needs such as shelters, monthly payments and also health insurance. This will indirectly make a decreament on our nation’s economical status. For instance, when an immigrant worker involved in an accident at his workplace, the employer which is usually a Malaysian, has to pay for his hospital bills as well as his life insurance if the injuries involve any lost of his physical capability or even that cause him death. Those money actually can be used for other beneficial  purposes rather than being spent on someone who cannot be sured to stand and fight for our country.

Like we all know, each citizens of a country has been taught, whether in school or at home, to love their country and to have strong spirit of patriotism since childhood. These is also being instilled among these immigrants. Such norm might put our people in a big risk. How is that so? When two governments got into some political misunderstandings, the immigrants of respective countries will defend their homelands by any means such as riot or dreadful threat. This action is clearly observable when the Indonesian immigrants shout out “ Crush Malaysia” in October 2009 over a simple misunderstanding on culture. During this period, our people suffered from  a  horrible experience of scaredness and insecurity, which should have been avoided from the first place.

We do realise that our government together with all Malaysians are putting our whole hearts and efforts to bring Malaysia into a fast-developing country by the year 2020, which I believe excludes the immigrants. Therefore, a paradigm shift is totally needed to establish the importance of Malaysians, not the immigrants, to make Vission 2020 into a reality. Once again I would like to highlight the fact that Malaysia does not need immigrants at all to be developed. Just bear in mind, we are 1Malaysia and we are one nation.


  1. salam..greetings to all of you my fellow friends
    we have read through your essay,well done!
    But there are a few things that we would like to comment on..maybe you want to consider on it.
    *there is a spelling error..(constanly)
    *there are some points that can be debated on
    In our opinion..even though we must cherish and love our country, responsibility is a must if we have workers even who are immigrants.This is because we must be considerate to help them whenever in need.People do despise stingy one..

    1. congratulation for writing a very nice essay
      however, you should consider for some grammatical mistakes especially in paragraph four.
      each citizens- each citizen
      These is also being instilled- this is also being instilled
      thank you :)

  2. what a wonderful essay!!!but you can create it to become more creative essay by put some proverb and bombastic words..anyway,nice try.

  3. happy birthday to aiman, by the way. ;-)

  4. assalamualaikum... after we read through this essay, we think the usage of words 'like' in line 'like we all know' is not suitable and we think 'as' is more suitable to be used. other than that, the essay is good and keep up the good work...

  5. for your second might want to add that every year the government has to spend billions of money for the purpose of sending illegal imigrants back to their homeland.Instead,if it is not stopped.more and more imigrants will come hence the cost will be raising high ....tq

  6. is it OKAY if we use 'WE' and 'I' in the same paragraph?
    (your last paragraph)
    ~we are not confused, we are just well mixed~ :)