Monday, 27 February 2012


QUESTION : In today's world, we have taken the comforts of modern day conveniences for granted. These include electrical appliances and equipments like refrigerators, washing machine, and mobile phone. In your point of view, justify would you or wouldn't you give up all but one of these conveniences.

Being living in this millennium era, people nowadays become too dependent on modern conveniences such as electrical appliances and equipments. From the hardest to the simplest tasks like mopping the floor, machines are being used instead of doing it manually. It is absolutely impossible to continue the way we live our lives today without these conveniences. We cannot give up either one of these conveniences as they have their own specific functions as well as respective prices which can contribute economically to our country.

We regularly use the washing machine to wash our clothes or the television to watch our favourite shows. These indicate that each electrical appliances have their respective function that is beneficial to our lives. We constantly use these devices to complete our daily tasks. If you think these current devices can be replaced with a multi-task machine, you are totally wrong. Can you just imagine how thing is going to be if that single machine is suddenly broken? Wouldn’t that be a huge problem? Therefore, it is essential to possess these devices separately as to maximise their usage on specific tasks.

After all, it is better to have a variety of devices separately rather than a single device that complement all the tasks since they surely have distinctive prices. Here is an example. An electrical iron which we usually use is much cheaper than an LCD television. For a small-incomer family, I bet they won’t spend a lot on appliances which do not bring benefits to them. Imagine if the multi-task device is to be sold, it will surely be expensive and not affordable to all people. Plus, not all of the functions of that single device are needed for different people with different lifestyle. A housewife needs a washing machine more than a businessman, who uses laptop regularly, does. Hence, these electrical appliances have to be sold separately as to meet ones’ affordances in buying them.

We do realize that there are a lot of companies that sell different electrical appliances to the people such as Singer, Panasonic, Dell, Toshiba and a lot more. If we are to compare these companies selling the same convenience with companies selling different convenience in a particular country, don’t you think that the higher profit will go to the companies with variety of devices? This will indirectly contribute to the nation’s economy as these devices are charged with taxes which approximately ranged from RM 50 up to RM 200 per devices, depending on the brand. These companies surely compete with each other to win the people’s hearts to consume as well as to purchase their products. Thus, this will create a healthy competition among the companies which eventually bring our national economy to a higher level.

In the nutshell, we would like to stress on the fact that all electrical appliances have their own unique functions and thus, making it impossible for us to choose only one device to live with. Here is a simple analogy. You have a mum who can do everything for you and can act like your other family members. Do you prefer to live with her alone or together with the other members who, of course, are special in their own ways? Therefore, think wisely before you decide on something so as not to cry over spilled milk.


  1. Yeah,I agree with what you discuss regarding this topic.This is because electrical appliances help us a lot in doing our daily task such as mop,sweep and others.By using these electrical appliances,we can also save our time as we no need to work hard.For example,our parents childhood usually wash their clothes by hands whereas our generation used washing machine as it save our time.That is our comment regarding this topic,thank you.All of you were good in doing this essay.Congrates!!

  2. Sorry, but we would like to pose a question:

    In our opinion, we (imran) think that this essay does not answer the question appropriately.

    As we see that the question firstly states that we are too comfortable with the electrical appliances, and depended too much on them. Then it asks to state, whether to give up all except one of them or to continue using them like the usual.

    Thus where do the terms 'multi-task machine' and 'to have a variety of devices separately' came from, and the relevance of their elaborations?

    But good concluding analogy, except is 'in THE nutshell' phrase acceptable in writing the conclusion?

    Thank You.

    1. thank you for your comment. this essay is just from our opinions. we will get further consultation from Miss Afzan.

      and for the " in THE nutshell " it's me ( aliah ) who wrote this and to be true this is my first time using that phrase....hahhaa. it's supposed to be " in a nutshell " isn't it? thanks for mentioning that.

  3. Salam..greetings to all of you my fellow friends, we have read through your essay..nice shot!
    Everyone has their own point of view..we think that the ideas presented by your group are very convincing.Some people may think that they can live without electrical appliances because maybe they used to live in hardship before and the others are die for it because they never be apart from these technologies...
    By the way,excellent work guys~Keep it up!

  4. while reading through this essay, we keep always thinking that how people before us can manage their life without these inventions. Their life were so different with us.. The next generation must be taught to involve in the world of technologies so that they will stay up-to-date and live in this millennium era peacefully....

  5. good!!i'm enjoyed when reading this essay..but,please try to come out with a variety of words instead of using simple words-this is my advice to all especially myself...tq