Thursday, 8 March 2012

Electronic Communication and Its Trend

QUESTION : The world today is turning more to electronic communications such as the e-mail,    Facebook, and Short Message System ( SMS ). What is your opinion of this growing trend? Discuss.

Do you know that 23.8 billion people world wide rely on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Short Message System ( SMS ), email and many more. Amazingly, these people are dare to admit that they can’t even live without those media. Why is that so? What had brought the guts in them to say so? Definitely because it must be some reasons behind this phenomena. It is shown that the social media have contributed significantly in the field of education, communication as well as in business.

First of all, media such as Facebook, is one of knowledge sources. Here is a simple example. ‘Doctors Group’ in Facebook is created and joined by many Facebook users with purpose of discussing on certain topics about medic. It can be about diseases, modern treatments or medicine. In such group, each member is free to contribute and share additional knowledge by posting his or her opinions. The discussion itself, may consist of question and answer ( Q&A ) session or sharing facts which can be expressed by posting educational articles and essays or through video clips. Therefore, these media have successfully established themselves as an effective alternative for learning instead of using books only.

Unavoidably, people have to stay away from their homes and families for any purposes such as for studying abroad or even for working outstation. They use media such as Skype, SMS, or video conference for long-distance communication. Let’s say a student in Egypt may use Skype to communicate live with his mother in Malaysia anytime when he needs a company. A busy VIP or businessman prefers to use video conference rather than going to the meeting place due to the matter of time and cost. Isn’t that clear enough to portray how the media are beneficial for communication means? Absolutely yes.

Malaysians nowadays, due to compact daily schedule, are more preferred to do online shopping. Hence, business runners may not want to miss this golden opportunity to widen their business. Wonder how this may relate with the media? Here is the answer. A boutique owner, let’s say, uses Facebook to advertise her products. By posting pictures of items together with their respective prices for customers reference, this can ease them to make purchases. Not only that, her business’s email  is also inserted for any enquiries, orders or complaints from customers. The buyers also are not an exception. They also need to have at least one email account to purchase as well as to make payment. From here, we can conclude that business can be developed more with the help of the media.

In a new era, people tend to change their lifestyle to adapt. This also applies to people nowadays where technologies are learned and mastered in order to ease one’s life. Media have been proven to be something important in our lives due to how they can be beneficial to us. Hence, we need to appreciate the media and use them for our own benefits.


  1. Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

    we strongly agree that facebook is one of the knowledge sources but how many people who are really take this opportunity?and how many people have misused this social network?how the electric communications benefit to us depends greatly on how we use the way,good elaboration for this topic.thank you.

  2. salam..greeting to all of you my fellow friends.we have read through your essay,great elaboration..
    but,mostly of your points are based on logical..
    maybe you want to consider to add some strong fact(statistics) that will support your points.
    However,we agree with your points and we also agree with bigbrother&kids=)..
    thank you..